Definition of dealmaker in English:



  • A person who is skilled at bringing commercial or political deals to a satisfactory conclusion.

    • ‘We're encouraged to look up with awe at the colossal deal-makers.’
    • ‘With three listed companies, the 71-year-old billionaire has been Asia's foremost dealmaker for over a half-century.’
    • ‘In almost every search we're in now clients are looking for the operators, rather than deal-makers.’
    • ‘In 1995, a venture capital firm introduced the young dealmaker to Nutt, who had recently started AMG with three employees.’
    • ‘Back in 1981, he tapped a savvy dealmaker to co-chair his tax reform panel: Alan Greenspan.’
    • ‘Of course, such deal-making among deal makers is nothing new.’
    • ‘Perlmutter was already a crafty dealmaker who used money from his in-laws to buy the liquidation business.’
    • ‘Yet beyond the brass, many successful dealmakers possess an enviable skill set - vision, confidence, perseverance, focus, even empathy.’
    • ‘Also, deal makers must be trained to factor the goodwill rules into their projections.’
    • ‘The good news for Kings fans is that Petrie is a shrewd dealmaker.’
    • ‘Wood, a managing director of UBS, is one of the bank's top dealmakers.’
    • ‘In a recent survey of Bay State deal makers, more than two-thirds predicted mergers to increase again this year.’
    • ‘That potential has dealmakers from around the world licking their chops.’
    • ‘Wall Street dealmakers believe that any moves to clean up balance sheets could lead to mergers.’
    • ‘The deal makers could thus afford to offer vastly inflated prices for the companies that were being acquired.’
    • ‘They are among America's cruelest and least sentimental dealmakers.’
    • ‘Without the road, mining becomes an economic problem and the deal makers lose their financial benefits.’
    • ‘Few question that the 41-year-old North Carolina native is one of Europe's most dynamic dealmakers.’
    • ‘Out went the risk takers, and in came the deal makers.’
    • ‘Gary had no crystal, but he was a dealmaker, and he made a deal.’