Definition of deaminated in English:


Pronunciation /dēˈaməˌnātid/



See deamination

‘Among the deaminated bases, uracil, hypoxanthine and Xan are repaired by the base excision repair pathway in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.’
  • ‘As a result, the deaminated product, urocanate, is not the usual a-keto acid associated with loss of a-amino nitrogens.’
  • ‘Other members of the Solanaceae synthesize branched-chain fatty acids and in each of these cases, the primer for the extension of the alkane is proposed to be a deaminated branched-chain amino acid.’
  • ‘The deaminated H3-metabolites of tyramine were isolated and identified in different regions of the brain.’
  • ‘The remains of the deaminated amino acids are converted into glucose in the liver.’