Definition of deamination in English:


Pronunciation /dēˌamiˈnāSHən/ /diˌæmɪˈneɪʃən/


  • The removal of an amino group from an amino acid or other compound.

    ‘The earliest enzymatic functions are mostly linked to amino acid catabolism: deamination, transamination, and decarboxylation.’
    • ‘The liver, influenced by protein intake and anabolic need, makes urea from deamination of amino acids in the Krebs urea cycle.’
    • ‘DNA bases are susceptible to hydrolytic deamination, although deamination is much less frequent in double-stranded compared to single-stranded DNA.’
    • ‘Aspartate can also be formed by deamination of asparagine catalyzed by asparaginase.’
    • ‘The spontaneous deamination of cytosine is a frequent event.’