Definition of death's head in English:

death's head

Pronunciation /ˈde(TH)s ˈˌhed/ /ˈdɛ(θ)s ˈˌhɛd/

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  • A human skull as a symbol of mortality.

    ‘Interestingly, there are also tombs, skeletons and death's heads, along with some shocking acts of violence.’
    • ‘Even more horrible was a big earthen jar in the middle of the courtyard, in which hung a white death's head along with some leg bones.’
    • ‘The figure of the death's head has been a prominent symbol of human mortality and the vanity of life in Western culture.’
    • ‘Shamael is a tattoo artist who himself now sports Celtic crosses, screaming eagles, and death's heads.’
    • ‘Their members are easily spotted because their heads, necks and arms are often covered with elaborate tattoos bearing symbols of the three main gangs - ‘MS,’ ‘13,’ ‘18’ and dice, death's heads or daggers.’
    • ‘Seen in the Paris version of the show, these murky images of death's heads and Gothic windows affirmed a late Symbolist streak in Schad's work.’
    • ‘Lucy's delirium uncannily resembles Anna O.'s vision of a death's head in Studies on Hysteria.’
    • ‘It is easy to read the death's head in The Ambassadors purely as an exercise in negation, particularly since the anamorphosis so unsettles one's sense of reality.’
    • ‘Her visions not only disrupt memory, but her very sense of self: when she looks in the mirror she sees a death's head rather than her own reflection.’
    • ‘Elie identifies the soldiers by the emblem on their helmets, the death's head.’
    • ‘Strict regulations govern the disposal of toxic materials, and we should be alert to the slow passing, in dead of night, of trains with death's heads stencilled on their wagons.’
    • ‘A pirate flag with the president for a death's head went up in orange flames.’
    • ‘His first death's heads had geometric wings, a double row of teeth, a double triangular nose, and large blank eyes.’
    • ‘The lead tank had a death's head painted on the side.’
    • ‘Curious school children often turn to some small shops selling plastic toys shaped like a spiderman or death's head in which a tiny amplifier is installed.’
    • ‘Witches, black cats, death's head cut from a pumpkin, candles, masks, parties and pranks were used.’