Definition of death tax in English:

death tax


informal US
  • another term for estate tax (used by critics of the tax)

    • ‘They're starting to move toward it now, first by getting rid of the death tax, then double taxation of dividends.’
    • ‘This is a war, and we need to make an ongoing commitment to winning the effort to repeal the death tax.’
    • ‘He noted with pride that the administration is ‘taking a very slow boat to the flat tax - by getting rid of the death tax and the double tax on dividends.’’
    • ‘Elimination of the death tax is a huge simplification.’
    • ‘Clearly there's some unfairness of the tax code; it's got broad support if we eliminate the marriage penalty tax and the death tax.’
    • ‘We need HMO reform, eliminating the death tax and the marriage tax.’
    • ‘He has been specific about cutting the income tax rates across the board and eliminating the death tax.’
    • ‘Also, we want to eliminate the death tax, and radically cut the capital-gains tax.’
    • ‘We'd get rid of the capital gains tax, get rid of the death tax, and we'd get rid of the marriage penalty.’
    • ‘But that victory turned out to be mostly symbolic, as the bill repealed the death tax in 2010 and then re-established the tax in 2011.’
    • ‘The death tax is being consigned to the graveyard and the tax on dividends will be abolished.’
    • ‘In South Africa there is a death tax of 20% on all estates over a R1 million.’
    • ‘A party that opposes the death tax attracts those with such a vision, no matter how small the income.’
    • ‘I think it speaks very much to the health of the nation that 70-plus percent of Americans want to abolish the death tax, because they see it as fundamentally unjust.’
    • ‘I would pontificate at length about our need to seal the country's borders, support the Patriot Act, consider pre-emptive action overseas, and repeal the death tax.’
    • ‘And before you know it, the New York Times writes about the death tax, and since everybody dies, the public starts asking for relief from the death tax.’
    • ‘If, however, a widow were allowed to marry her son upon her husband's death, the death tax could be avoided, since spouses are immune.’
    • ‘For if income tax dissuades the living rich from being rich, then the death tax can only dissuade the dead rich from dying.’
    • ‘Let me say that no one in my family is rich enough to be affected by the death tax.’
    • ‘States, including California, have been deriving significant revenues from the federal estate tax credit for state death taxes.’


death tax

/ˈdeTH ˌtaks/ /ˈdɛθ ˌtæks/