Definition of debouch in English:



no object, with adverbial of direction
  • Emerge from a confined space into a wide, open area.

    ‘the stream finally debouches into a silent pool’
    • ‘Bangladesh, one of the most populous spots on earth, is virtually the delta of the Brahmaputra and Ganga river systems, where numerous streams and rivers debouch to the Bay of Bengal.’
    • ‘It was as one crossed the frontier, debouching from the Khyber Pass, that one saw evidence of an altogether different lifestyle and the corruption that accompanies it.’
    • ‘For 80 years the statue, erected after the first world war, has, with magnificent hauteur, turned his behind on the traffic that boils up where London's Park Lane debouches into Piccadilly and Knightsbridge.’
    • ‘Two months earlier my journey had begun at Hardwar, the gateway to the Himalayas, where the Ganges debouches into the plains.’
    • ‘Spiralling down out of the mountains, we debouched out of a river valley and saw the great fortress rock rising sheer and white out of the ocean.’
    • ‘When at last we debouched on the quayside below San Marco, Elizabeth turned to me with an air of satisfaction.’
    • ‘Sediment-laden streams carve deep, steep-sided valleys which, where they debouch into adjacent lowlands, produce alluvial fans.’
    • ‘To the Pasadena, California-based management team, this set of channels debouching into the ocean-like dark lowlands were reminiscent of the Los Angeles River's terminus at Long Beach, California.’
    • ‘The case concerned a public footpath running between two cottages before debouching onto a main road.’
    • ‘IT WAS NO PLACE to build a city, among the islands and mosquito-ridden marshes where the River Neva debouches into the Gulf of Finland.’
    • ‘The ramped pedestrian street which links the classrooms debouches into a public square.’
    • ‘It stood almost on the bank of the river, where there was a bridge likewise called ‘Trionfale’ that debouched almost at the gate, the remains of which can be seen today in the middle of the Tiber.’
    • ‘This fault system was the main conduit (at the current level of exposure) for upward moving hydrothermal fluids that debouched at the surface as hot springs and from which the cherts were precipitated.’
    • ‘In 1830 Lander solved the vexed question of where the Niger debouched into the sea.’
    • ‘The Nemesis poked her way ahead through the mud-banks and found a route for the warships, which debouched into the main channel only five miles from the city.’
    • ‘Water on the ground in Mr. Marcic's front garden is collected from the patio through metal grilles overlying gullies which run beside the house and debouch into his foul drainage.’
    • ‘Secondly, we say that the body of water must eventually debouch into the sea.’
    • ‘The Vaal rises in the central heart of South Africa and debouches many hundreds of miles later into the Atlantic Ocean.’
    spill over, flow over, run over, brim over, well over, slop over, slosh over, pour forth, stream forth, flood, discharge, surge, debouch


Mid 18th century from French déboucher, from dé- (expressing removal) + bouche ‘mouth’ (from Latin bucca ‘cheek’).



/dɪˈbaʊtʃ/ /dɪˈbuːʃ/