Definition of deburr in English:


(also debur)

Pronunciation /dēˈbər/ /diˈbər/

transitive verbdeburrs, deburring, deburred

[with object]
  • Neaten and smooth the rough edges or ridges of (an object, typically one made of metal)

    ‘hand tools for deburring holes in metal’
    • ‘‘One of our most common modifications is to surface polish and debur the gears with a chemical process to smooth out the tool-cutting marks from the manufacturing process,’ said Lamb.’
    • ‘This sequence begins with a milling operation to produce the bolt seats, which are then robotically deburred.’
    • ‘The technology is used to clean, texture, deburr, or otherwise process very small parts and hard-to-reach areas with extreme accuracy.’
    • ‘Our customers are frequently faced with the necessity of deburring and polishing complex-shaped three-dimensional metal surfaces with undercut areas.’
    • ‘These techniques are used to degrease metal, to provide protection for substrates, and for deburring, surface smoothing and polishing, ball burnishing, cleaning, and pickling or descaling.’