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(also dekaliter)
  • A metric unit of capacity, equal to 10 liters.

    ‘The winery can process 15,000 tons of grapes per year, producing 1 million decalitres of wine.’
    • ‘The company plans to increase production to 1.2mn decalitres of beer a month and to sell 10 mn decalitres a year.’
    • ‘Exports to Ukraine, which comes second, increased significantly from 19,800 to 94,000 decaliters.’
    • ‘The plant will have a production capacity of 20 million decalitres of beer a year.’
    • ‘The association has also established a ‘danger zone’ of between 110 and 125 milligrams of glucose per decaliter in which the body's ability to process glucose is considered impaired.’



/ˈdekəˌlēdər/ /ˈdɛkəˌlidər/