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  • A stoppered glass container into which wine is decanted.

    ‘Of special interest to Irish collectors will be a number of silver wine labels and glass decanters by Irish makers.’
    • ‘Another butler brought out a silver tray laden with a crystal decanter and two wine glasses.’
    • ‘Glass bottles were used as decanters for carrying wine to table, but not for storage because they were too fragile.’
    • ‘A long cupboard rested against the wall, the polished top displaying an array of coloured glass goblets, decanters, jugs and bowls of fruit and berries and nuts.’
    • ‘The firm, which moved to its new premises opposite Booths supermarket in August 1999, makes high quality tableware including glasses, decanters, jugs, vases and bowls.’
    • ‘The couple picked up an armful of prizes, including a trip to Spain, a rose bowl, brandy glasses, and a decanter.’
    • ‘He placed the glass on the tray with the wine decanter.’
    • ‘He filled three glasses with some sort of clear wine, set the decanter on the table and retreated to the corner.’
    • ‘If a buyer is found for the firm, which makes high-quality tableware including glasses, decanters and jugs as well as being the largest supplier of crystal to British embassies, it is hoped that all 21 employees will be reinstated.’
    • ‘A sale of the business, which sells high-quality tableware including glasses, decanters and jugs, was agreed on Monday and involves the firm's management, some workers and a mystery customer of the firm.’
    • ‘In the entrance hall of Finwood Lawn, his six-bedroom home near Warwick, 30 sparkling crystal decanters sit on glass shelves - a cleaner's nightmare.’
    • ‘I picked up a splendid pair of panel-cut Victorian decanters with original stoppers for £90-now, that has to be value for money.’
    • ‘The new range for Lindley includes Martini glasses, decanters and ashtrays.’
    • ‘A presentation was made to each by Co. John Bonham of a decanter and 6 brandy glasses on an inscribed tray.’
    • ‘Pieces include square tealight holders, napkin holders, flared bud vases and a selection of glasses, decanters and candlesticks in varying sizes.’
    • ‘Each room had decanters of wine and water as well as various other liquors.’
    • ‘On the cart, place a martini shaker, some martini glasses and shot glasses, a decanter, your favorite booze, and whatever else you would stock in your home bar.’
    • ‘Then very carefully (so as not to agitate the sediment back up into the wine) pour the wine into a decanter, leaving the last inch behind.’
    • ‘Thomas had already set out two crystal wine goblets and a wine decanter; before she could protest, he was presenting her with a dry white wine.’
    • ‘All he showed them were the bedrooms, each complete with four-poster beds, an en-suite bathroom and a decanter of spirits.’
    container, receptacle, repository, holder, carrier



/dəˈkan(t)ər/ /dəˈkæn(t)ər/