Definition of decarburize in English:


transitive verb

(also British decarburise)
[with object]Metallurgy
  • Remove carbon from (iron or steel); decarbonize.

    ‘high-carbon steel was decarburized in the forge’
    • ‘His pressure tests burst the steel pipes in a week, revealing that the dense hydrogen had decarburized inner layers to a hard and brittle stuff.’
    • ‘This long heat treatment increases cost, limits rate of production and decarburizes the surface layer.’
    • ‘The degree to which a bar may be decarburized depends upon the chemical analysis of the steel.’
    • ‘This product deoxidizes, descales, and decarburizes steel, copper alloys, iron, and other noble alloys.’
    • ‘A two step process is then required; the first producing the carburized bloom and the second, a heat-treatment to decarburize the iron for proper forging.’



/dēˈkärb(y)əˌrīz/ /diˈkɑrb(j)əˌraɪz/


Mid 19th century from de- (expressing removal) + carburize, on the pattern of French décarburer.