Definition of decertify in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb decertifies, transitive verb decertifying, transitive verb decertified

[with object]
  • Remove a certificate or certification from (someone or something), typically for failure to comply with a regulating authority's rules or standards.

    ‘the FAA immediately decertified it because it reported false microbursts’
    • ‘The striking journalists were faced with a tough choice: Option A - decertify the union and take a generous buyout package of four weeks pay for every year of service with a minimum 13 weeks and a maximum of 68 weeks.’
    • ‘At that hotel, the former management hired a firm to campaign against the hotel's existing union, and it won a 1997 election, by a vote of 120 to 109, to decertify the union.’
    • ‘If they can get rid of enough of the employees who were there during the organizing effort, they can decertify the union.’
    • ‘In California, problems with the machines forced the state to rewrite its electronic voting rules in April and decertify those used in one-third of its polling places.’
    • ‘Flight attendants at Northwest Airlines began voting last week on whether they will decertify the Teamsters union and affiliate with the Professional Flight Attendants Association.’
    • ‘Under National Labor Relations rules, replacement workers would be eligible to decertify the UFCW as bargaining representative at the Jefferson plant once the one-year anniversary of the strike passes.’
    • ‘Those measures, which reversed existing anti-scab laws, are being supplemented by new legislation which will make it more difficult to organize and easier to decertify unions.’
    • ‘A determination is made as to whether to decertify the employee in consideration of the performance deficiencies identified in the review.’
    • ‘Most recently a group of rank-and-file flight attendants have embarked on a campaign to decertify the Teamsters and establish an independent union.’
    • ‘A group of workers at the United Center Stadium petitioned to decertify the union.’
    • ‘The court placed great evidence on the fact that the California official charged with regulating voting systems, the secretary of state, had decertified punch-card machines as unacceptable and thus inherently unreliable.’
    • ‘Davis' former agent, Steve Weinberg, was recently decertified by the NFL so Davis is looking for new representation.’
    • ‘In a move anticipated for several months, the state of California has decertified all touch-screen voting machines due to security snafus and vendor stonewalling.’
    • ‘There is every reason to believe that the class will be decertified.’
    • ‘The IAM was subsequently decertified and AMFA elected to take its place.’
    • ‘Shelley decertified the machines in April after problems with the March elections.’
    • ‘The U.S. military administers psychological tests to nuclear weapons personnel, says Sagan, and each year it decertifies up to 5 percent of them.’
    • ‘Bill 139, which is expected to get final passage this week, will sharply curb the rights of unions to organize and make it easier for employers to decertify existing unions.’
    • ‘The panel certified 149 officers in FA 90 and decertified 59.’
    • ‘Last week the state's election commissioner decertified $100m worth of machinery, and ordered counties with e-voting terminals to produce a backup system for the November elections.’



/dēˈsərdəˌfī/ /diˈsərdəˌfaɪ/