Definition of decision maker in English:

decision maker

Pronunciation /dəˈsiZHənˌmākər/ /dəˈsɪʒənˌmeɪkər/


  • A person who makes important decisions.

    ‘she is one of the key decision-makers within the department on energy issues’
    • ‘Our brand should resonate beyond the current generation of decision-makers.’
    • ‘According to McNeal, companies should market most strongly to the decision-maker.’
    • ‘On many issues foreign governments do not even know the real decision-makers on the issue at hand.’
    • ‘They are the ultimate decision-makers in professional sports.’
    • ‘I make a point of meeting with the decision-maker at each large account at least once a year.’
    • ‘Most of the programming that we advertise in will be reaching today's decision-maker.’
    • ‘There are many things that would make people better decision-makers.’
    • ‘The findings in the present study should be useful to American business decision-makers for a number of reasons.’
    • ‘Yet any remaining uncertainty represents possible outcomes that the decision-maker must be prepared to face.’
    • ‘Sometimes decision-makers are excessively cautious, at other times they are madly reckless.’