Definition of decision support system in English:

decision support system


(also DSS)
  • A set of related computer programs and the data required to assist with analysis and decision-making within an organization.

    ‘Relatively few people had read the guideline content within the computerised decision support system.’
    • ‘We undertook a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of a computerised decision support system to implement clinical guidelines for the management of asthma and angina in adults in primary care.’
    • ‘The evaluation of information technology is complex and multifaceted, but a computerised decision support system can be evaluated as a health technology.’
    • ‘There is a greater challenge in constructing and evaluating a computerised decision support system that will work across a range of computer systems, individuals, settings, and behaviours.’
    • ‘A successfully designed computer decision support system must either fit in well with this workflow, or those implementing it must be prepared to change the workflow.’