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  • 1The ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

    ‘the crisis will require leadership and decisiveness to resolve it’
    • ‘they are criticized repeatedly for their lack of decisiveness’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Smith feels the new restrictions can only engender more decisiveness in transfer decisions.’
    • ‘She thinks decisiveness comes from having adequate information about the matters at hand.’
    • ‘Other, older players are discovering a quiet decisiveness under the German.’
    • ‘Some years ago, I was in Judge Kessler's courtroom and admired the crisp decisiveness of her judicial temperament.’
    • ‘Those who say that he lacks decisiveness in his actions should reflect upon the decisions he made during our darkest hours.’
    • ‘From the start, Holliday and his team have made decisiveness one of their cardinal virtues.’
    • ‘The new FDA commissioner is demonstrating an impressive decisiveness and understanding of agency bureaucracy.’
    • ‘He had the decisiveness and political support to override grassroot prejudices to advance his country's interest.’
    • ‘Most people admire decisiveness and despise vacillation.’
    • ‘I hope that the leaders of this great nation will now show decisiveness and compassion, so as to mitigate the consequences of a terrible crime.’
  • 2The conclusive nature of an issue that has been settled or a result that has been produced.

    ‘there was no doubting the decisiveness of his victory’
    • ‘the decisiveness of the policy’
    • ‘An official Air Force report, while careful to claim the "decisiveness of airpower," also decried the gradual approach of the war.’
    • ‘Formed officially in 1775, the American Field Artillery has been the kingpin in the decisiveness of every key battle in which our country has participated.’
    • ‘Emphasizing the importance of air support to tanks, he argued that such forces would restore mobility and decisiveness to warfare.’
    • ‘This study examined this contention to determine the decisiveness of non-lethal technologies as an element of military strategy.’
    • ‘But in addition to drama, a game must also have decisiveness: it should be possible ultimately for one player to achieve an advantage from which the other player cannot recover.’
    • ‘The decisiveness of the defeat is a clear signal that change is going to come, that the old order and the old certainties are no more.’
    • ‘For Lismore however the decisiveness of the defeat is a setback, and they will have it all to do to get back into contention via the losers' group.’
    • ‘And he's going to win with the same decisiveness that the Red Sox won the series.’
    • ‘Sargent's work is marked by its exceptional lucidity, its exactness of expression and by the decisiveness of her results.’
    • ‘Any belief New Zealand had in repeating the victory they secured against Australia 12 months ago was shattered by the decisiveness of the Kangaroos' start to the second half.’



/dəˈsīsəvnəs/ /dəˈsaɪsəvnəs/