Definition of deck officer in English:

deck officer


  • An officer in charge of the above-deck workings and maneuvers at sea of a ship or boat.

    ‘Thus, it was not unusual for men to become thoroughly proficient as an infantry, cavalry, or deck officer in a short time and then languish in some isolated frontier post or ship of the line.’
    • ‘The deck officer accepted Tand's tickets, his eyes never leaving Tanj, as he fumbled for the access cards to their stateroom.’
    • ‘He now served as senior flight deck officer on the USS Eisenhower and was dogged by rumors of cowardice.’
    • ‘Cargo pilferage in these ports was rife and each deck officer was responsible for the cargo in one of the holds.’
    • ‘‘Timing was everything, and the deck officer was crucial; he knew exactly the roll of the ship and when you could get off.’
    • ‘For example, the norms and transgressions of shipmate dating could be explored: when might a liner's deck officer date a lowly laundress rather than the nurse deemed to be of his rank?’
    • ‘Commissioned as an engineer when the Navy sharply divided engineers from deck officers, Reeves served aboard the USS Oregon as it led the chase to destroy the Spanish squadron sortieing from Santiago de Cuba.’
    • ‘However, it urged ferries to watch their speed and said ferry deck officers should be made aware of the dangers.’
    • ‘Overberg gave them bursaries to study engineering and to qualify themselves as deck officers class five and class six at the Namibia Maritime and Fisheries Institute in Walvis Bay.’
    • ‘Around lunchtime yesterday, three deck officers took control of the vessel's bridge after making their way past security guards.’