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See deckle edge

‘The deckle-edged artwork is blind embossed with a Disney Seal of Authenticity and is available both raw and framed.’
  • ‘There is also a small bag which might be a flour sprinkler; a jug; a ladle, perhaps for water; and an unmistakable wavy-rimmed pastry cutting wheel such as is used for making deckle-edged lasagne.’
  • ‘The first group consists of family snapshots from the first half of the last century, little deckle-edged album pictures of the kind most people have stuffed into an envelope or shoe box at the back of a drawer.’
  • ‘She gazed petulantly at a mantelpiece empty of deckle-edged cards.’



/ˈdekəl ˈˌejd/ /ˈdɛkəl ˈˌɛdʒd/