Definition of declination axis in English:

declination axis

Pronunciation /ˌdekləˈnāSHən ˈaksəs/ /ˌdɛkləˈneɪʃən ˈæksəs/


  • The axis of an equatorially mounted telescope which is at right angles to the polar axis, about which the telescope is turned in order to view points at different declinations but at a constant right ascension.

    ‘The counterweight attached to the declination axis is there to balance the weight of the optical tube.’
    • ‘Set the telescope base so the declination axis is as precisely horizontal as possible.’
    • ‘In this position, the telescope tube can swing up and down in altitude about the declination axis.’
    • ‘The right ascension and declination axes move smoothly and freely, but have sufficient friction to keep the telescope steady even without the locks engaged.’
    • ‘The DC motors on the right ascension and declination axes are powered by two 6-volt gel cells that are built into the base.’