Definición de decompilation en inglés


Pronunciación /dēˌkämpəˈlāSHən/ /ˌdēkäm-/


See decompile

‘As for assembly language showing up in decompilations of other languages you need to know how other languages work and compile.’
  • ‘Hopefully this breakdown of a decompilation will help you in doing similar decompilations in the future, whenever you find code not acting in the manner you expected.’
  • ‘At present, Boomerang can generate thousands of such temporary variables per procedure, bogging it down and causing decompilations to use gigabytes of memory and days of CPU time.’
  • ‘‘Clean Room’ methods have been developed to protect against copyright infringement actions involving decompilations of existing computer software.’
  • ‘If you only need the simplest of decompilations, Reflector.NET or Spices.NET can do the job.’