Definition of decrepitate in English:



[with object]technical
  • (of a solid, especially a crystal) disintegrate audibly when heated.

    • ‘Some pyrrhotite is relatively unstable in humid environments, decrepitating like pyrite.’
    • ‘Furthermore, much marcasite is highly unstable when exposed to the atmosphere and decrepitates quickly.’
    • ‘The rock is so thoroughly altered it decrepitates on exposure to the atmosphere.’
    • ‘On heating in a closed tube it decrepitates slightly, blackens and gives off water having an alkaline reaction.’
    • ‘The concentrate must expand to a high degree without decrepitating, and the expanded particles must be strong enough to withstand handling.’
    sizzle, crackle, fizz, hiss, spit, sputter, crack, snap


Mid 17th century from de-‘away’ + Latin crepitat- ‘crackled’, from the verb crepitare, frequentative of crepare ‘rattle’ (see decrepit).