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transitive verb

[with object]often dedicate something to
  • 1Devote (time, effort, or oneself) to a particular task or purpose.

    ‘Joan has dedicated her life to animals’
    • ‘For the moment, however, she says the group are purely dedicating their efforts to putting together a solid outline proposal for the area, before they begin their investigations for funding.’
    • ‘Since last October, the students have been dedicating themselves to the task of mounting the enduringly popular Guys and Dolls.’
    • ‘I met many people who dedicated much of their efforts to assist in the planning of the anti-hate demonstration.’
    • ‘And this St Paul's squad has to be commended with the way they dedicated themselves to the task.’
    • ‘Mr Kolar quit his job to dedicate himself to a task he says has been almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’
    • ‘He has also selflessly dedicated his efforts to leading and developing his staff.’
    • ‘Let us dedicate our best efforts in organizing our coming World Congress of Boxing Doctors, which will be the second in history.’
    • ‘A reporter who dedicates special effort to establishing good contacts often ends up using them to coax ads from press chiefs.’
    • ‘Sorley's depiction of how General Abrams dedicated himself to this task is compelling.’
    • ‘I was hired to turn the company around, and my team has dedicated itself to that effort ever since.’
    • ‘He cannot dedicate himself to larger purposes.’
    • ‘Choose your course wisely and dedicate yourself to that purpose.’
    • ‘The people who are dedicated to these efforts understand the power of the social economy.’
    • ‘It would be good for more effort to be dedicated to training to help build capacities of the nations in managing fauna and flora species.’
    • ‘Despite his acclaim, he finds writing to be a saviour of sorts and always manages to find the time to dedicate himself to the creative task, no matter how busy his day.’
    • ‘The ceremony was a very simple and moving commemoration of a life totally dedicated to aikido.’
    • ‘Shenandoah founded Round Dance Productions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to native cultural preservation.’
    • ‘Plantlife is Britain's only national membership charity dedicated exclusively to conserving wild plants and their habitats.’
    • ‘Although he dedicated most of his time to the TV business, Sawhney never neglected his musical dream.’
    • ‘She is now dedicating most of her time and attention to the completion of her fist novel.’
    devote, commit, pledge, bind, obligate, give, give over, surrender, set aside, allot, allocate, consign, sacrifice
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    1. 1.1Devote (something) to a particular subject or purpose.
      ‘you should dedicate a telephone line to each modem you plan to install’
      • ‘Entire magazines are dedicated to the subject of teen boys' haircuts.’
      • ‘For example, your website is dedicated to the general subject of ‘cat care.’’
      • ‘The third section of the catalog is dedicated to the subject of icons in various media, from panel paintings to textiles.’
      • ‘The first day was dedicated to subjects such as building relationships, oral hygiene, money matters and importance of civic participation.’
      • ‘She dedicated four autumn study sessions to pools at Doheny State Beach in southern California, taking care to visit at different times of the day and to focus on different animals.’
      • ‘About 62% of the publication is dedicated to telephone number listings and 25% to the Yellow Pages.’
      • ‘There is hardly a leading newspaper that has not dedicated an article or comment to the subject.’
      • ‘But where did the initial inspiration to dedicate an art exhibition to the subject of Australian Football come from?’
      • ‘Cumbria Export Club is dedicating its next meeting to looking at how firms could boost exports by developing more imaginative ideas.’
      • ‘Shermer dedicates three chapters to this subject, the most extensively examined one in his book.’
      • ‘The American press dedicated some coverage to this subject, but mostly with respect to the relationship between drug trafficking and corruption.’
      • ‘Nonetheless, Tamarack dedicated two of its five fax lines to the Israeli families, enabling them to communicate regularly with their children.’
      • ‘Yet these concerns evaporate when it becomes clear that Cara A. Finnegan's four chapters are dedicated to concrete studies of a specific process in all its forms.’
      • ‘Four technologists are dedicated to the site, and the CEO spends about a third of his time working on it as well.’
      • ‘Four parades were specifically dedicated to this theme.’
      • ‘The building will provide dedicated laboratory and office facilities for 30 researchers and a research manager.’
      • ‘The group proposes two lanes in the six-lane road dedicated solely to public transport.’
      • ‘The Japanese learnt to capitalize on the interest in this art form very quickly - opening up nurseries dedicated solely to grow, train and then export bonsai trees.’
      • ‘The sleep unit is located in a pleasant, old refurbished one-story building dedicated solely to sleep testing.’
    2. 1.2Cite (a book or other artistic work) as being issued or performed in someone's honor.
      ‘the novel is dedicated to the memory of my mother’
      • ‘All the poems in the book are dedicated to his memory.’
      • ‘At least a third of the book is dedicated to memories of his dad.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to the memory of Maura Burns of Ferrybank who recently passed away.’
      • ‘This work is dedicated to the memory of Professor Don C. Wiley.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to his memory and pays a warm tribute to his intellectual legacy.’
      • ‘This work is dedicated to the memory of Dollie Stover, who devoted 18 field seasons to the study of these warblers.’
      • ‘Her first book was dedicated to Christopher, but this latest work is for Nick and Billy - younger sons of Sarah and her husband, David.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to Anna Friedman and Nasir Din, the author's Jewish mother and Muslim father, who married in London in 1942, both immigrants, but British subjects.’
      • ‘Of these, Arthur Crook is May's personal favorite (the book is dedicated to him), the editor he wrote for and for a short time worked under.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to Kostova's father, a recently retired professor of urban planning, who first told her some of the stories she relates.’
      • ‘Finally, this book is dedicated to my German translator and to my Italian translators, all good friends and precise readers.’
      • ‘The work is dedicated to Suleiman, teacher and Master of Fula Flute, a wind instrument from The Gambia.’
      • ‘The book is also dedicated to Mrs Wing in the opening pages.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to the author's parents for teaching him to care.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to my mother so it could hardly reflect that.’
      • ‘So my book is dedicated to Craig and to all those who are serving in the Armed Forces today.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to his best friend Bill Cadman who died in the Lockerbie bombing in 1988.’
      • ‘Once he got out, they went on a family holiday together, and his book is dedicated to her and their children.’
      • ‘The book is dedicated to those who lost their lives at sea in the Second World War.’
      • ‘I was at school with him and the second book is dedicated to Sean.’
      inscribe, address, name
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    3. 1.3Formally open or unveil (a building or memorial)
      ‘the ex-president came to dedicate a $2.6 million recreation center’
      • ‘The building was formally opened and dedicated by the Bishop of Ramsbury, The Right Rev Peter Hullah, with another 150 guests joining the 500 schoolchildren.’
      • ‘Hampton's new 36,000-square-foot facility was formally dedicated on Sept.23.’
      • ‘This decision to sell the temple was not publicly made known until the building was finally completed and formally dedicated on 1 May 1846.’
      • ‘This summer they will dedicate the reclaimed open space as the 4,700-acre Orange County Great Park.’
      • ‘The community center will be dedicated during a Sept.5 open house.’
      • ‘A new equine hospital at Golden Gate Fields will be formally dedicated on Saturday at 12 p.m. PST.’
      • ‘After the Knox Academy was formally dedicated, Lermond actively continued to solicit donations of natural history specimens for it.’
      • ‘The building was dedicated in May at the West Philadelphia campus of Penn's Health Science Center on Curie Boulevard.’
      • ‘A new building was erected and dedicated on October 30, 1842.’
      • ‘In July 1999, Core Locations' first colocation facility was dedicated by Mayor Richard M. Daley in Chicago.’
      • ‘Bill Clinton's presidential library won't be formally dedicated until tomorrow, but we've already been inside.’
      • ‘Construction started in 1784, and the unfinished building was dedicated in 1788.’
      • ‘St Joseph's was opened and dedicated by the then Bishop of Elphin, Dominic Conway, on October 30, 1983.’
      • ‘When all was ready, Bishop Dominic Conway came again May 13, 1973 to open and dedicate the new Holy Cross.’
      • ‘The Marthoma Metropolitan, Philipose Mar Chrysostom, will dedicate the building at a function at the Boys Home at 4 p.m.’
      • ‘A new school building was dedicated in February 1950 and was named Georgia Washington School.’
      • ‘The LA station dedicated by Schwarzenegger last month is intended for public use within five to ten years.’
      • ‘The Rev Michael Flight, chairman of governors, dedicated the new building.’
      • ‘The Allen Ginsberg Library was dedicated in 1993.’
    4. 1.4Ceremonially assign (a church or other building) to a deity or saint.
      ‘the parish church is dedicated to St. Paul’
      • ‘The Chupao Temple is dedicated to a life-saving deity known as Paosheng.’
      • ‘Churches were increasingly dedicated to, and children named after, universal saints.’
      • ‘I recall visiting Calvin's church in Geneva, a twelfth-century Romanesque building dedicated to Saint Peter.’
      • ‘St George was initially promoted to patron saint in 1061 when a church in Doncaster was dedicated to him.’
      • ‘The church was dedicated to St Anthony of Egypt, patron saint of swineherds and of charcoal burners, a trade carried out on the fell for many years in the past.’
      • ‘Prosperous companies erected their own guildhalls and endowed churches dedicated to the patron saint of their crafts, with chapels for their use.’
      • ‘The Temple of Angkor Wat was dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu by King Suryavarman II, who reigned between 1131 and 1150 AD.’
      • ‘The Temple of Angkor Wat is dedicated to the Hindu god Viu.’
      • ‘Sunday last being the Feast of the Holy Trinity was a special significance to the parish as our church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.’
      • ‘Currently the Virgin Mary is revered, and many churches are dedicated to her.’
      • ‘There was one church in Yarmouth, St. Nicholas's Church, which was dedicated to St. Benedict.’
      • ‘In 1396, the still unfinished church was dedicated to St Hippolyte.’
      • ‘In England, many churches were dedicated to her, most notably St. Bride's Church in London's Fleet Street.’
      • ‘Three of the other churches are dedicated to St. Gregory, who brought Christianity to Armenia at the beginning of the fourth century.’
      • ‘Her local church is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima so I'm quite surprised she waited this long to go there.’
      • ‘The church was previously known as All Saints, being dedicated to St Giles only since 1960.’
      • ‘The busiest is Kuan Yin Ten Temple, near St George's Church, which is dedicated to the goddess of mercy.’
      • ‘Aarhus Cathedral is dedicated to St. Clement, the patron saint of sailors.’
      • ‘The building is specially dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes as Catherine is involved in a lot of charity, voluntary work.’
      • ‘As is evident from its name, the temple was dedicated to Shiva.’
      devote, assign
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/ˈdedəˌkāt/ /ˈdɛdəˌkeɪt/


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘devote to sacred use by solemn rites’): from Latin dedicat- ‘devoted, consecrated’, from the verb dedicare.