Definition of dedicatee in English:



See dedicate

‘Alfred Schnittke's First Cello Concerto is surely one major candidate, first performed by the orchestra in 1991 and again on this occasion by the work's dedicatee, Natalia Gutman.’
  • ‘Many - including its dedicatee and first conductor, Hans Richter - considered not only the greatest English symphony to that point, but the greatest symphony of modern times.’
  • ‘Throughout the volume, Lanyer lauds her primary dedicatee Margaret Clifford, the Countess of Cumberland, for her charity, piety, chastity, learning, and nobility.’
  • ‘Poor Pyotr never had things easy in life, and his work was at first damned as ‘worthless, unplayable and clumsy’ - and that was from the intended dedicatee, Nikolai Rubinstein.’
  • ‘She complied, though heartbroken, and in spite of the insistence of her teacher William Alwyn who, some half-century later, became the dedicatee of her Wind Quintet.’



/ˌdedəkāˈtē/ /ˌdɛdəkeɪˈti/