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  • A person who has abandoned their country or cause in favor of an opposing one.

    ‘staff interviewed escapees and defectors to the West’
    • ‘Equally, some of the stories will have been fabricated to please the intelligence agents handling the defectors.’
    • ‘Apart from Jenkins, three other defectors are believed to be alive.’
    • ‘Successful collusion often takes a third party to regulate the agreement and punish defectors.’
    • ‘Some officials said there is no choice but to accept the defectors, while others insisted they should be treated like ordinary refugees.’
    • ‘If he can then coax some defectors from the opposition, he may reach a majority.’
    • ‘Though some defectors were known as unreliable, there were too few independent sources to contradict them.’
    • ‘The most senior of all the Soviet defectors to the west, Orlov survived into his old age.’
    • ‘Will this new promise bring back Tory defectors to the fold?’
    • ‘Each prisoner or defector was literally milked for every scrap of information the intelligence community wanted, or needed.’
    • ‘The press release said the intelligence service also "located, intimidated and killed defectors and dissidents living abroad."’



/dəˈfektər/ /dəˈfɛktər/