Definition of defending in English:



  • 1Resisting an attack made on someone or something; protecting from harm or danger.

    ‘the defending forces were met by a wall of enemy gunfire’
    • ‘You might free up your defending troops by building defensive turrets.’
    • ‘They can potentially devastate the infrastructure supporting the homeland of a country without first defeating the defending military forces.’
    • ‘He commanded the defending army.’
    • ‘The air campaign proved insufficient to defeat a defending army without a major ground offensive.’
    • ‘Defending troops should be able to take advantage of night time conditions to achieve surprise and concealment.’
    • ‘The local defending forces soon fled.’
    • ‘Mountainous terrain gives defending troops a certain advantage.’
    • ‘The bravery of the defending forces had been such that the attackers allowed them to leave the city with honour.’
    • ‘The defending soldiers were forced to melt the lead off the gutters to make bullets.’
    • ‘The great stone tower's height gave defending soldiers a good view and better line of fire.’
    1. 1.1Competing to retain a title in a contest.
      ‘the defending champion’
      • ‘Spain , the defending champion, has three points heading into its final game against Portugal today.’
      • ‘They're the three-time defending champions.’
      • ‘For the most part, the defending champs return the same group of players.’
      • ‘The defending league champions had already secured a place in the quarter-finals.’
      • ‘Since the first Wimbledon in 1877, the only other defending men's champion to lose in the opening round was Spain's Manuel Santana.’
      • ‘The defending team champions , have been one of the most consistent teams at the training gym this week.’
      • ‘The defending title holder and current race leader was seventh on the stage.’
      • ‘The defending women's champion was surprisingly beaten over 10km last weekend.’
      • ‘The Canadians are the defending world champions.’
      • ‘He is the defending winner at three of the next eight races.’
  • 2Conducting the case for the party being accused or sued in a lawsuit.

    ‘the defending lawyer pleaded for acquittal’
    • ‘Defending counsel stated that there were a number of inaccuracies in the custody record regarding times and the date.’
    • ‘The defending solicitor accepted it was in breach of the bail bond.’
    • ‘The defending solicitor said his client's last conviction was from some four years ago.’
    • ‘The defending solicitor told the court that, since the incident, the defendant hadn't been involved in such matters at all.’
    • ‘His review of the court-martial proceedings may involve an assessment of the qualities of the prosecuting and defending barristers.’
    • ‘He said he would see that the information was handed to the defending counsel in the morning.’
    • ‘The election is usually made by the plaintiff but can, in fact , be made as well by any defending party.’
    • ‘The details of exactly what he did are being debated by prosecuting and defending attorneys.’
    • ‘A defending attorney was cross examining the coroner.’
    • ‘The defending lawyer pleaded for acquittal, on the basis that neither riot nor breach of the peace could apply.’
  • 3(in sport) protecting one's goal or wicket rather than attempting to score against one's opponents.

    ‘a free kick awarded to the defending team in their own penalty area’
    • ‘When a defending player stands over the ball in an attempt to prevent a quick free-kick from being taken, that player will be cautioned.’
    • ‘The defending player marks the spot at which the foul occurred and stands his ground.’
    • ‘A defending player entering the goal zone—intentionally or otherwise.’
    • ‘The defending team accrues points simply by holding onto the base.’
    • ‘The defending team tries to stop the ball by diving in front of it.’
    • ‘All the defending players except the goalkeeper are without any protection besides their stick and an abdominal guard.’
    • ‘If the referee sees that a defending team has all five players in the neutral zone and doesn't send a skater in to forecheck, it's a two-minute delay of game penalty.’
    • ‘A free-out is a free-kick awarded to the defending team in their own penalty area.’
    • ‘In the original incarnation of the rule at least 3 defending players had to be goal-side of any attacking player.’
    • ‘He is removed from proceedings and a free-kick given to the defending team.’