Definition of deficit financing in English:

deficit financing

Pronunciation /ˈdefəsət fiˌnansiNG/ /ˈdɛfəsət fɪˌnænsɪŋ/ /ˈdefəsət ˌfīˌnansiNG/ /ˈdɛfəsət ˌfaɪˌnænsɪŋ/


  • Government funding of spending by borrowing.

    ‘Historically, wars have been associated with an increase in government spending and deficit financing.’
    • ‘What government ever describes its deficit financing as unjust and unnecessary?’
    • ‘Countries will engage in large-scale deficit financing to pay for public sector projects and governmental funding.’
    • ‘Finally, it permits a steady stream of deficit financing that grows through time as GDP grows, which provides financial space for financing investments in long-lived public capital.’
    • ‘No member country, with the possible exception of Germany, is big enough in the zone as a whole, for its deficit financing to represent a significant strain on the zone's capital market.’
    • ‘This leaves the ‘old school economic policies’ of dollar devaluation and deficit financing to help reflate the economy and fend off deflation and boost exporters.’
    • ‘The sudden return to deficit financing has been the subject of considerable debate.’
    • ‘My economics professor had been the minister of finance in the Weimar Republic, and he had me writing on Keynes deficit financing.’
    • ‘By 1600 conspicuous consumption and deficit financing marked both the convent and aristocratic Milan.’
    • ‘He fears the Government could return to deficit financing, which nearly bankrupted the country.’
    • ‘Thus, the amount of public spending financed through deficit financing in these countries increased dramatically.’
    • ‘The tone of Lewis's argument at times leads me to believe that he is convinced that Keynesian economics - and with it deficit financing - should return.’
    • ‘The only weapon in the Christie's economic arsenal is deficit financing.’
    • ‘Russian and foreign experience shows that military expenditures tend to facilitate deficit financing and ultimately help to ease the economic crisis by increasing aggregate demand.’
    • ‘The government's lagging behind in its privatization and asset disposal program threatens to cut short domestic deficit financing.’
    • ‘Based on the 2004 budget, the government expects some Rp 21.7 trillion in foreign loans for deficit financing.’
    • ‘The other sources of deficit financing include privatization proceeds and the sales of assets held by the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency.’
    • ‘They did not simply risk a return to deficit financing through lavish spending promises…’
    • ‘The state was to raise the resources through deficit financing.’
    • ‘He has now added a measure of classical Keynsian deficit financing.’