Definition of defocus in English:


Pronunciation /dēˈfōkəs/ /diˈfoʊkəs/

transitive verbdefocuses, defocusing, defocused, defocusses, defocussing, defocussed

[with object]
  • 1Cause (an image, lens, or beam) to go out of focus.

    ‘the filter lets you defocus all or part of an image’
    • ‘If the surgeon needs coagulation, the laser operator increases the distance from the tissue or defocuses the beam, enlarging the spot size and using low wattage.’
    • ‘For the famous penultimate scene of Vera's ‘accidental’ murder, the camera seems to crawl inside Roberts' head as he surveys the room where this happened, with the lens alternately focusing and defocusing on various objects.’
    • ‘Klouda takes one image with her camera, which is sharply focused, and a second image that is defocused in the direction that makes the image larger rather than smaller, which she says creates a ‘glowing effect.’’
    • ‘The laser spot, formed in the focal plane, was defocused to a diameter of 10 m, so that one entire cell could be excited while the surrounding field of view remained dark.’
    • ‘However, the beam will become progressively defocused, thus limiting the thermal energy to the deeper structures.’
    • ‘Thorne convinced himself (and the other time travel researchers) that this would not happen, because each time the beam of light comes out of the mouth of the wormhole it is defocused and spread out to fill the Universe.’
    • ‘The plan is to house the laser in a large airplane with optical and tracking systems for focusing the laser beam on the target and compensating for the atmospheric turbulence that would otherwise defocus it.’
    1. 1.1no object Go out of focus.
      ‘the view defocused, then resolved’
      • ‘In its defocused and condensed form, the image can more readily be resolved into areas with uniform tonal and chromatic values, and the thresholds established at which these values change.’
    2. 1.2Take the focus of interest or activity away from (something)
      ‘defocusing the traditional contract approach in business’
      • ‘Says a spokeswoman: ‘We're not defocusing, just extending our brand.’’
      • ‘The company has defocused on its planned release of its third generation platform because it says operators are more keen to avoid a two-step upgrade.’
      • ‘Companies which defocus when they diversify probably do not have very good products to begin with, or good product engineers.’
      • ‘The company needs to defocus on the operating system and apply its technological strengths to more mainstream platforms.’
      • ‘Last week, the company was reported to be planning to sell all or part of its mobile phone business, which was recently merged with its other wireless communications activities, illustrating a defocus on the pure cellular handset sector.’