Definition of degranulate in English:


Pronunciation /dēˈɡranyəˌlāt/ /diˈɡrænjəˌleɪt/

intransitive verb

[no object]Physiology
  • (of a cell) lose or release granules of a substance, typically as part of an immune reaction.

    ‘the eosinophils degranulate, releasing the toxic contents of the granules’
    • ‘When mast cells degranulate they release tryptase, in addition to histamine and prostaglandins.’
    • ‘We found corroborative evidence that neutrophils are stimulated to degranulate and produce reactive oxidants in the airways of children with Cystic Fibrosis.’
    • ‘IL - 8 also activates neutrophils to degranulate and cause tissue damage.’
    • ‘It has been demonstrated that DEPs directly degranulate mast cells and increase histamine levels and symptom severity in humans.’
    • ‘Pus is thick because of its high DNA content from degranulated cells.’