Definition of degrease in English:


Pronunciation /dēˈɡrēs/ /diˈɡris/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Remove excess grease or fat from.

    ‘the preparation consists of cleaning and degreasing’
    • ‘This same equipment can be adapted for use with soap and water for pressure cleaning such as degreasing auto engines and lawn and garden equipment.’
    • ‘Carbon tetrachloride is a manufactured chemical used mainly in cleaning fluids and degreasing agents.’
    • ‘To apply, thoroughly clean and degrease the metal.’
    • ‘Be sure to clean and degrease the surface that you plan to cover with skateboard tape.’
    • ‘Shop dirt, oil and grease can be removed by either vapor degreasing or swabbing with acetone or another nontoxic solvent.’
    • ‘The secret to it is degreasing the turkey drippings and using a little red wine, and then thickening it with flour.’
    • ‘This highly potent degreasing agent can destroy delicate tissues in the eye.’
    • ‘The bases, screws and receiver should be degreased with alcohol, and a thread-locking compound should be applied to the screws.’
    • ‘Some additives, which claim to degrease your system, may damage your drain field, contaminate your soil and groundwater, and in some states, be illegal.’
    • ‘Dismantle the gears and degrease them in paraffin.’
    • ‘The directions tell us to degrease the part and then swab on the solution and let it sit for a few minutes.’
    • ‘The model is said to be a compact and efficient alternative for a wide variety of batch degreasing and cleaning requirements.’
    • ‘In the industrial world it is used for engine degreasing, garage floor cleaning, and in car wash soaps.’
    • ‘I have just finished reading the responses to your recent column on degreasing.’
    • ‘Before welding, however, the edges of sheets should be wire-brushed and degreased.’
    • ‘A filter may be cleaned by being removed and soaked in a degreasing solution until the grease is dissolved, and then washed with warm, soapy water to remove any traces of the degreaser.’
    • ‘All three manufacturers advise owners to clean greasy food spills promptly and use a degreasing agent if necessary.’
    • ‘I convinced my wife that the white coating on the stove was an excellent degreasing agent, but I still had to clean it up.’
    • ‘If you have tile, now is a good time to clean the grout with a degreasing solution.’
    • ‘We suggest that you purchase a chain degreasing box to speed your degreasing process.’