Definition of dehorn in English:



[with object]
  • Remove the horns from (an animal)

    ‘you can learn how to dehorn a bull calf’
    • ‘Most milk and beef producers dehorn their cattle at a young age to prevent the animals from injuring each other.’
    • ‘The distressful effects of dehorning your cattle can be avoided by using Angus.’
    • ‘A year later, 140 black rhinos out of 305 remaining in the country, and 123 white rhinos out of 198 remaining, had been dehorned.’
    • ‘Some people opt to dehorn the kids, usually when they are 1 week old, with a tool called a disbudding iron, which looks like a soldering iron with the tip sawed off.’
    • ‘Common procedures for beef calves include branding, castration and dehorning.’