Definition of deindustrialization in English:


(British deindustrialisation)


mass noun
  • The reduction of industrial activity or capacity in a region or economy.

    ‘idealists in the environmental movement advocate deindustrialization and non-intensive methods of food production’
    ‘severe deindustrialization with substantial job losses’
    ‘the decline in British manufacturing encapsulated in the term ‘deindustrialization’’
    • ‘Economic contraction and deindustrialization in mass-production industries in the 1970s and early 1980s accelerated the decline in union membership.’
    • ‘Changing economic circumstances as a result of deindustrialization and market forces dramatically affect local areas and lead to a variety of local-level responses.’
    • ‘The war's aftermath brought the beginnings of the city's deindustrialization, which hit black sections of the working class most acutely.’
    • ‘This was the biggest deindustrialization in the country.’
    • ‘Considered in the context of the national economy, the policies being pursued amount to fairly systematic deindustrialization.’
    • ‘In the 1980s a kind of deindustrialisation happened and many factories closed.’
    • ‘The answer is that in a changing political landscape it intersects with problems caused by deindustrialization, structural unemployment, and ethnic rivalries.’
    • ‘Protectionism and deindustrialization could sustain existing institutional privileges, and these were chosen by some European proto-industries, or forced upon them, from the 1790s on.’
    • ‘Over the past couple of decades of industrial struggle in the 1980s and the ensuing deindustrialisation and depoliticisation, this structure has collapsed.’
    • ‘The deindustrialization of these rust-belt cities, and the resulting economic impact on workers' lives, is one of the recurring themes of his poetry.’
    • ‘Associated with deindustrialization and the opening of China was the expansion of Hong Kong's role as a regional financial center.’
    • ‘This produced strong deindustrialisation and a wave of privatisations, all reflected in the trade unions losing many members.’
    • ‘In the context of deindustrialisation and a decline in traditionally male jobs, male breadwinners feel they cannot afford to move into female jobs.’
    • ‘The middle class isn't just increasing in size but changing in character, a trend accelerated by deindustrialisation.’
    • ‘The deindustrialization of the American manufacturing sector meant many Americans were out of jobs, and their labor organizations were faced with grave reductions to their memberships.’
    • ‘The job cuts announced by the car manufacturer will now lead to a further deindustrialization of the area.’
    • ‘Nobody told us about the deindustrialisation that was coming.’
    • ‘Most traditional Italian heavy industry was state-owned and it was here that deindustrialization was most strongly felt.’
    • ‘So, welcome to what is becoming a typical 24 hours in the deindustrialisation of Britain.’
    • ‘Moreover, inner-city neighborhoods across the country fell apart, whether the deindustrialization was moderate, as in Indianapolis, or more extensive, as in Chicago or Philadelphia.’