Definition of deionize in English:


(British deionise)

Pronunciation /dēˈīəˌnīz/ /diˈaɪəˌnaɪz/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Remove the ions or ionic constituents from (a substance, especially water)

    ‘this resin will deionize the solution’
    • ‘the water used in all experiments was deionized and doubly distilled’
    • ‘Cholesterol was dissolved in ethanol and distilled, deionized water was added dropwise until a white precipitate appeared.’
    • ‘Distilled, deionized water was used for sample preparation.’
    • ‘All the reagents were of the highest quality available and deionized double-distilled water was used throughout the experiments.’
    • ‘I highly recommend a reverse osmosis / deionizing water filter, if you don't already have one.’
    • ‘Between fertilizer applications, the pots were kept moist with acidified, deionized water.’
    • ‘Seeds were germinated in the dark on filter papers moistened with deionized water.’
    • ‘This reactor uses deionised water for ozone generation.’
    • ‘Glassware was cleaned with chromic acid, rinsed with plenty of deionized water and dried in a clean environment.’
    • ‘The iodine concentration of the deionized water was determined with the catalytic reduction method.’
    • ‘The plants were washed thoroughly with deionized distilled water, dried in a shed, and compressed into a powder with the help of a manual grinder.’
    • ‘The last residues were washed with deionized water until the washes reached pH 5.5.’
    • ‘The etched wire in the capillary was washed with copious deionized water, and then with acetone.’
    • ‘I washed the film for 30 minutes and carried out a final rinse with deionised water with a few drops of wetting agent added.’
    • ‘It was dissolved to various stock concentrations with deionized water.’
    • ‘Hydrated leaves were sectioned and viewed in deionized water.’
    • ‘The digested feed solution was filtered into a 50-ml volumetric flask and made up to volume with deionized water.’
    • ‘All solutions were prepared using fresh deionized water.’
    • ‘The remaining ‘bulk sand’ was washed with 100 cm of deionized water, and the washing solution passed through glass wool.’
    • ‘The resulting solution was made up to 100 ml with deionized water.’
    • ‘The extract was evaporated at 40°C then dissolved with 0.5 ml of deionized water.’