Definition of delegacy in English:


nounplural noun delegacies

treated as singular or plural
  • 1A body of delegates; a committee or delegation.

    ‘Hopefully, under his leadership, the network and number of delegacies will expand and become still more active.’
    • ‘The delegacy admired that Suzhou had made great efforts to the science prevalence in community and school.’
    • ‘Vice-President Jiaan Cheng, and relevant professors, had a discussion and exchange with the delegacies.’
    • ‘The city sent a delegation of men with the body, and they were met by a delegacies in Chicago who took his body the rest of the way home to South Bend, Indiana.’
    • ‘Time passé away; my life of school teaching ended, to be followed by more than twenty years, not quite at an end, of school examining for the Oxford and Cambridge delegacies.’
    • ‘Many inconspicuous moves to subordinate independent delegacies to Council have slipped through.’
    delegation, delegacy, legation, commission, committee, mission, diplomatic mission
    1. 1.1An appointment as a delegate.
      ‘Things that most other beings find deadly and disgusting she considers delegacies, the more toxic the better.’
      • ‘These hopes came to nothing when the constitution was illegally changed making it impossible for us to achieve any more than a handful of delegacies.’
      • ‘He welcomed the delegacy on behalf of the Provincial Bureau and introduced the development of economy of the Province.’
      • ‘These administrative records date from 1214 to the present and include records of students; records of University delegacies; and records of the Chancellor's Court.’
      • ‘International food delegacies, music, dance, crafts and more are part of the City International Council's 3rd annual International Spring Fest.’



/ˈdeləɡəsē/ /ˈdɛləɡəsi/


Late Middle English from delegate, on the pattern of the pair prelate, prelacy.