Definition of delexical in English:



  • (of a verb) having little or no meaning in its own right, for example take in take a photograph.

    ‘The article focuses on what prove to be the two most distinctive uses of MAKE, viz., the delexical and causative uses.’
    • ‘While delexical verbs are common to both groups, the main differences in patterns are found to be in the nominal phrase.’
    • ‘To obtain a correct word translation selection, a new method of translation English delexical structure into Japanese was applied.’
    • ‘In British English, the verb ‘have’ frequently functions as what is technically referred to as a delexical verb.’
    • ‘The strongest differences were at the word and phrase level, particularly in the use of prepositions, delexical verbs and in aspects of word grammar such as agreements and endings’



/dēˈleksikəl/ /diˈlɛksɪkəl/