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  • 1The action of describing or portraying something precisely.

    ‘the artist's exquisite delineation of costume and jewelry’
    • ‘Smooth gradients typically work better than sharp delineations of color.’
    • ‘In their place would come themes, ending the rigid delineation of topics.’
    • ‘Our cover list is not a perfect delineation of popularity.’
    • ‘The real worth of the book lies in the savage delineation of characters.’
    • ‘Throughout the entire program, specific delineation of each phase would bring greater clarity to the respective tasks.’
    • ‘What follows is a delineation of a range of approaches, which endeavour to provide some answers.’
    • ‘The concise delineation of the features closely parallels a description of Sargent's drawing technique.’
    • ‘The delicate delineations of each square of metal leaf create subtle patterns.’
    • ‘This issue of inadequate species delineation has also been pointed out for some apparent cases of intraspecific variation in plants.’
    • ‘Similarly, delineation of Indra has been identified in the coins of some other Indo-Greek kings of comparable vintage.’
    • ‘The delineation of a Nationalist ideology has begun.’
    • ‘Butler applied Microgravity and gradient techniques to the detection and delineation of shallow sub-surface cavities and tunnels.’
    • ‘He integrated firm and bold brush strokes with the precise delineation of form.’
    • ‘But unlike Grimsley's conclusive indecision on the matter, White suggests some reasons for the delineation.’
    • ‘Beginning in the 1750s, a body of literature appeared in France and Germany calling for a finer delineation of sex differences.’
    • ‘To my ears, the DTS track sounds tighter and with better delineation between the channels.’
    • ‘Preoperative planning and exact delineation of the cause of the symptoms is crucial.’
    • ‘This is a useful delineation that guides the reader to the fundamental positions that should be studied first.’
    • ‘Finally, Bill 11 fails to create a clear delineation between the private and public sectors.’
    • ‘I was hoping for a clearer delineation between intuition and pattern recognition in the introduction.’
    portrayal, description, presentation, depiction, representation, picture, portrait, account
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  • 2The action of indicating the exact position of a border or boundary.

    ‘the eventual delineation of the border between the two states’
    • ‘Eight metres down, I notice a sharp delineation in the water.’
    • ‘The final delineation of the frontier was a compromise more favorable to the Manchus than to the Russians.’
    • ‘The delineation of built-up areas will define the areas where countryside policies apply.’
    • ‘The delineation of the Atlantic coast north of the Maltese cross is based on speculation.’
    • ‘Early detection and delineation of tumor borders, or of dysplastic precursors, is often difficult using the naked eye.’
    • ‘Species composition and community delineations were similar to those developed for Wisconsin by Curtis in the 1950's.’
    • ‘The Taiwan Strait is only 200 km wide, making a clear delineation between China and Taiwan difficult, Wang said.’
    • ‘Many exterior shots, with the action taking place in the dead of winter, have little or no delineation between the sky and the ground.’
    • ‘The delineation of this zone is decided by an interministerial committee and may be adjusted in the light of political and economic criteria.’
    • ‘Cle Elum remains more or less an example of such a well-defined town, where delineation of "where landscape began and town ended" is distinct.’
    • ‘Delineation of habitat features associated with territory placement and with nest success will be an important next step.’
    • ‘In Asiatic Frontier delineations tribal boundaries, except where overridden by political considerations, are apt to be observed.’
    • ‘Delineation of the natural communities within the park follows the current Unit Management Plan.’
    • ‘Here it is the delineation of a New Eden; everything else is without, unsaved.’
    • ‘Solid arrows indicate direction of water flow; dashed lines indicate delineation of different regions.’



/diˌlinēˈāSH(ə)n/ /dɪˌlɪniˈeɪʃ(ə)n/