Definition of delta connection in English:

delta connection


  • A triangular arrangement of electrical three-phase windings in series, each of the three wires of the circuit being connected to a junction of two windings.

    ‘After the start, the circuit is switched to delta connection and the motor receives the nominal voltage.’
    • ‘The voltage and current rules for a delta connection must be used when determining line and phase values of voltage current.’
    • ‘The respective delta connections of each main and additional windings are three delta points,, and of the main winding which are perfectly symmetrical and equidistant from each other.’
    • ‘The work is extended to as polyphase circuit analysis, including wye and delta connections.’
    • ‘In the present example of a three-phase system, the known star connections and delta connections, for example, can be used at the same time.’


delta connection

/ˈdeltə kəˈnekSHən/ /ˈdɛltə kəˈnɛkʃən/