Definición de Demerol en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈdemərôl/ /ˈdɛmərɔl/ /ˈdeməˌräl/ /ˈdɛməˌrɑl/


Marca registrada
  • proprietary term for meperidine

    ‘Would it have been easier to just give this patient her Demerol and go about my way?’
    • ‘Inside that safe is another locked compartment containing controlled medications, such as morphine and Demerol.’
    • ‘Given all the morphine and Demerol he had received, the doctors were not especially alarmed.’
    • ‘I later found out I had received Demerol in an injectable form.’
    • ‘And at that time, he was taking Demerol, because of pain.’


1940s of unknown origin.