Definition of demo tape in English:

demo tape

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  • A recording (originally one presented on a cassette tape) that is made to demonstrate the capabilities of a musical group or performer.

    ‘he encouraged bands to send him their demo tapes’
    • ‘A friend, who had produced two of Tina Turner's number ones, suggested she make a demo tape.’
    • ‘Roy Dea, his record producer, had first been bowled over by a demo tape of Stewart singing Motown.’
    • ‘Later, Kozub paid Josephson a visit, armed with his new band's demo tape.’
    • ‘In an early scene, Pike swings by a friend's recording sessions to drop off a demo tape.’
    • ‘He was impressed enough to offer to take a demo tape to Columbia Records in London.’
    • ‘Mario is working on producing a demo tape of his music.’
    • ‘Invest in a demo tape with a reputable producer.’
    • ‘She played a demo tape of a few rough recordings of hers at the FM Studios in London.’
    • ‘Mara already has four boxes of demo tapes from budding DJs hoping for a lucky break.’
    • ‘Working in computers by day, at night Lynn went out about meeting people, distributing demo tapes and playing gigs.’