Definition of democratic centralism in English:

democratic centralism


  • The Leninist organizational system in which policy is decided centrally and is binding on all members.

    ‘It was in this section of the book that Rodney developed the critique of vanguardism and the party form that celebrated the virtues of democratic centralism where there was a lot of centralisation but no democracy.’
    • ‘Inside the party, democratic centralism degenerated into bureaucratic centralization, so that by the 1930s there was a wide gap between party officials and party members.’
    • ‘In theory democratic centralism makes the executive accountable to the Party, but only in theory.’
    • ‘It is generally believed that the model used by the government for making policy decisions follows the so-called ‘principle of collective leadership under democratic centralism.’’
    • ‘Dunphy remains faithful, by contrast, to the tradition of democratic centralism, ceding little control to others.’


democratic centralism

/ˌdeməˌkradik ˈsentrəˌlizəm/ /ˌdɛməˌkrædɪk ˈsɛntrəˌlɪzəm/