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transitive verb

(also British democratise)
[with object]
  • 1Introduce a democratic system or democratic principles to.

    ‘public institutions need to be democratized’
    • ‘This would be democratised by means of weighted voting: nations' votes would increase according to both the size of their populations and their positions on a global democracy index.’
    • ‘The union's leaders had angered many delegates by ruling out of order motions calling for the political fund to be democratised - allowing union members to decide how the fund should be spent.’
    • ‘So in the absence of a planned design, attempts to democratize the international system have been ad hoc, as citizen organizations and economic elites create their own mechanisms of influence.’
    • ‘It argues that this fund should be democratised so the union's members decide how the money is spent.’
    • ‘But most of all it requires opening up and democratizing the closed political process.’
    • ‘That has fed the debate over democratising the unions' political funds.’
    • ‘I have also consistently supported democratising the union's political fund.’
    • ‘One motion agreed to democratise the union's political fund by giving the conference responsibility for determining where the fund should be spent.’
    • ‘Both present principles that would democratize the policy-making process and offer concrete suggestions to realize these principles in practice.’
    • ‘Before these countries can be truly democratized they need to develop systems that make sense within their particular cultural and historical contexts.’
    • ‘The State's Government must be democratised and federalised before it aspires for more powers from the Centre.’
    • ‘The data set used in this analysis is advantageous in this regard because it consists of polities that all possessed a single regime type and have only been democratizing for a short time, providing less of a risk for reverse causality.’
    • ‘They were deeply linked to democratizing and egalitarian trends, such as labor politics and feminism.’
    • ‘This is not to say that the regime democratized itself, but that it was an often unwitting contributor to processes that slipped out of its control.’
    • ‘I suggest we democratize our electoral process in electing a new party chairman by popular vote.’
    • ‘By democratising global institutions we can make them directly accountable and give them much needed legitimacy.’
    1. 1.1Make (something) accessible to everyone.
      ‘mass production has not democratized fashion’
      • ‘She said: ‘Free admission has democratised the nation's treasures, making them accessible to all.’’
      • ‘It was Conran, the legendary English visionary who democratized design by making it more accessible and affordable, who hooked me on to the power and appeal of great design.’
      • ‘Finally, they copied bohemia by democratizing literary culture in ways the hierarchical institutions like the university cannot so easily manage.’
      • ‘Eliminating the big-label overheads could cut the cost of making music, too, enlarging the pool of contenders and democratizing the process.’
      • ‘But democratizing the workplace is about more than just pay - it's also about sharing power and decision-making.’
      • ‘In this way, then, I am making the most of what modern life does so well: democratizing knowledge.’
      • ‘There is a line somewhere between democratizing journalism and every man a journalist.’
      • ‘It is a strategy that democratizes content production and distribution.’
      • ‘One of the leading Internet-era technologists has raised the alarm that democratized technology may fall into the wrong hands, and down the road, robots may prevail.’
      • ‘Perhaps, contrary to the laments, we are now living through a particularly rich time in American poetry - an era of radically democratized poetry.’
      • ‘Indeed, I would argue that it has already happened to some degree, as student loans have democratized the college degree and worn off some of its cachet.’
      • ‘So this microchip thing would basically completely democratize the creative process, and your art would be all about your creativity instead of your access to expensive technology.’
      • ‘What I love about blogs is the authenticity of voice, how they further democratize web publishing, and how they provide more relevant information through contextual links.’
      • ‘Part of that vision, shared by other blogging pioneers, has been to help democratize the creation and flow of news in a world where giant companies control so much of what most people see, hear and read.’
      • ‘Company drama could be credited with democratising classical music, which had been a privilege of the upper classes.’
      • ‘Obviously democratising the family is an evolving process as the children grow in age, experience and, hopefully, wisdom.’
      • ‘The beauty of digital technology is that it democratises the film-making process.’
      • ‘‘The birth of photography democratised portraiture, and we reflect that,’ he explains.’
      • ‘In most countries in the world, land is not being democratised and spread across the population.’
      • ‘The Land-Grant College Act helped democratize higher education.’



/dəˈmäkrəˌtīz/ /dəˈmɑkrəˌtaɪz/


Late 18th century from French démocratiser.