Definición de demographically en inglés


Pronunciación /ˌdeməˈɡrafəklē/ /ˌdɛməˈɡræfəkli/


  • In a way that relates to the structure of populations.

    ‘the state is geographically and demographically diverse’
    • ‘Many policy implications arise from demographically induced economic changes.’
    • ‘Data is weighted to demographically represent the North American population.’
    • ‘Demographically speaking, the baby boom of 1946 to 1964 was an aberration.’
    • ‘She's a woman, after all, and romantic movies are demographically tailored to meet the cinematic needs of the fairer sex.’
    • ‘In the demographically declining European nations, labor isn't increasing at all - in fact, often the labor force is getting smaller.’
    • ‘We are indeed a young country demographically compared to Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, Korea and many others.’
    • ‘Purposeful sampling was used to identify demographically diverse groups of informants.’
    • ‘But if you are a fan of the Senator, you will find much of the rest of Indiana tilted demographically in her favor.’
    • ‘What you're really describing is a Europe that is imploding demographically.’
    • ‘It all goes back to the late 1980s, when the last two years of high school were being transformed demographically.’