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nounplural noun demoi/ˈdēmoi/ /ˈdimɔɪ/

  • 1The common people of an ancient Greek state.

    ‘Then the reforms of Kleisthenes formed the basis of the democracy, meaning the rule of the demoi, or village councils of the Athens peninsula.’
    • ‘In Sicily the tyrant is the ally of the rich and the foe of the demos’
    1. 1.1The populace as a political unit, especially in a democracy.
      ‘This is a serious threat to democracy as it does not reflect power flowing from 'demos' (populace).’
      • ‘Democracy is one of the six classical forms of government described by Aristotle, denoting government by the demos, or populace at large, as opposed to government by a few, or by a single ruler.’



/ˈdēmäs/ /ˈdimɑs/


From Greek dēmos.