Definition of demotivation in English:



See demotivate

‘Partly that's because I've been ill with the accompanying demotivation that that brings but there's the usual problem of there not, apparently, being anything new happening that I've seen.’
  • ‘He said that after a series of visits to different parts of the province he was particularly struck by the extent of demotivation and disillusionment among members.’
  • ‘Students have a right to decent tuition and recognise that the disparity in pay leads not only to demotivation, but will ultimately force the best lecturers away from the sector.’
  • ‘If the person or organisation whose performance is being measured feels powerless to influence the indicator, inappropriate measurement can also lead to demotivation, dysfunction, and crisis.’
  • ‘Yet personal demotivation problems aside, how easy is it to look after your place when you live on your own?’