Definition of dendroid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdendroid/ /ˈdɛndrɔɪd/


  • (of a plant, marine invertebrate, or structure) tree-shaped; arborescent; branching.

    ‘The intermediate-level benthos was dominated by sponges, corals, giant bivalves, giant brachiopods, stalked echinoderms and fixed dendroid graptolites.’
    • ‘Further, older autozooids in major proximal regions of some large dendroid colonies stopped growing skeletons outwardly as distal colony growth continued.’
    • ‘Many dendroid colonies in lower Paleozoic trepostomes developed narrow exozones of young presumably feeding autozooids in cycles that covered growing branch tips.’
    • ‘The tiny conical shells known as dacryoconarids were also abundant and evolving rapidly at this time, but only a few dendroid graptoloids remained from the Silurian faunas.’
    • ‘Subcylindrical forms such as Stachyodes and Amphipora have been called dendroid or twiglike, and aluacerids have been called subcylindrical, cylindrical, or columnar.’


  • A graptolite of a type that formed much-branched colonies, found chiefly in the Ordovician and Silurian periods.

    Order Dendroidea, class Graptolithina

    • ‘In the Early Ordovician, many-branched planktonic forms developed from the attached dendroids.’


Mid 19th century from dendro-‘tree’ + -oid.