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  • A person who does not acknowledge the truth of a concept or proposition that is supported by the majority of scientific or historical evidence; a denier.

    ‘the small minority of very vocal climate change denialists’
    • ‘the denialist view’
    • ‘To the skeptics' discomfort, their arguments are frequently quoted by the denialists.’
    • ‘Thank you for Talbot's excellent series of articles debunking the myths propagated by the AIDS denialists.’
    • ‘The denialist side was actively subverting the peer review process.’
    • ‘The HIV denialists do not all belong in one category.’
    • ‘The denialist position within the government has put the fear of God into the medical establishment, who will do nothing to counter it.’
    • ‘Since the denialists are denying, drastic measures are required.’
    • ‘They are the problem, and they need to acknowledge that fact and start cleaning up their own mess rather than spouting denialist rhetoric.’
    • ‘Those who did speak up were "bludgeoned quite strongly" and labelled denialists.’
    • ‘It is probably true that The Day After Tomorrow's special effects-driven excesses have given the greenhouse denialists a propaganda free kick.’
    • ‘While the greenhouse denialists reject such scenarios outright, more hard-headed ruling-class planners take them more seriously.’
    • ‘But denialists have never been interested in understanding the science, after all, if they understood it, they could not be in denial anymore.’
    • ‘He came under the influence of a group of maverick scientists known as Aids denialists.’
    • ‘He hints darkly that, though some 'denialists' are 'not evil', others 'cross the line between what could arguably be protected free speech'.’
    • ‘Then there's the well-funded greenhouse denialist think-tanks on the lookout for any evidence, argument or anecdote that might raise public doubts - legitimate or otherwise - about the growing strength of the scientific consensus.’
    • ‘But many in the medical establishment say the sacking of her deputy is evidence that he remains an "Aids denialist" who questions the link between HIV and the disease.’
    • ‘And just, by the by, you are about the third or fourth left-winger I have seen on the net saying that the dissidents "are more properly termed denialists".’
    • ‘So far the pattern is for the emails to look a lot less suspicious once they're put into context, and for the denialists to oversell what they've found.’
    • ‘We need to recognise that the denialist movement is a true grass-roots phenomenon, though this does not make it any less reactionary.’



/dəˈnī(ə)ləst/ /dəˈnaɪ(ə)ləst/