Definition of denitrification in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌnītrəfiˈkāSHən/


See denitrify

‘Other reactions unique to life, except at extremely high temperatures and pressures, include nitrogen fixation, nitrification and denitrification, sulphate and sulphur reduction, and methane formation.’
  • ‘These conditions raise the potential for nitrification, leaching, denitrification, or runoff losses.’
  • ‘Water table management may facilitate denitrification (conversion of nitrate to N-containing gases) in the off-season.’
  • ‘The remaining processes that could account for the rapid depletion of riverine nitrate are denitrification and microbial assimilation.’
  • ‘Research has shown that fall applications are generally less efficient than growing season applications because of the increased risk of nitrogen loss from either leaching or denitrification.’