Definición de denotational en inglés


Pronunciación /-SHənl/


See denotation

‘Hence, Goodman appears to analyze pictorial representation as an ambiguous concept, ambiguous, that is, between a denotational sense and a non-denotational sense (‘is a so-and-so-picture).’’
  • ‘‘The inherent procedural consequences of any computer program give it a toehold in semantics, where the semantics in question is not denotational, but causal.’’
  • ‘He sees them as a second-order semiotic system built upon the principle of connotative meaning ‘engrafted onto a denotational level of meaning.’’
  • ‘In written form, this rendered it nonsensical from a denotational point of view in English and Portuguese alike - nothing more than a concatenation of meaningless sounds.’
  • ‘Comprehension is a matter of accurately reading the denotational level of an assumedly closed text.’