Definition of densitometer in English:



  • 1A device for measuring the density of a material.

    ‘Relative protein levels were determined by scanning the immunoblot with a laser scanning densitometer.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the stain cannot be read by densitometers that measure only white light.’
    • ‘Measurement of signal intensity was performed with a laser densitometer (Bio-Rad) using the Molecular Analyst program on an IBM compatible computer.’
    • ‘The protein fingerprints could be deciphered clearly upon scanning the gets using the laser densitometer.’
    • ‘The relative intensities were either estimated or measured using a device that determined the darkness of the spots called a densitometer.’
  • 2An instrument for measuring the photographic density of an image on a film or photographic print.

    ‘If you do not have a densitometer, you will have to print the negative to determine if its density and contrast range are suitable.’
    • ‘It is time to set aside the densitometer and resume my artistic endeavors.’
    • ‘Photographs of the implants were taken with ‘control implants’ (an unused piece of nylon to correct for differences in film development) and analyzed with a densitometer.’
    • ‘The resulting films were quantitated on an imaging densitometer.’
    • ‘A peripheral bone densitometer is used to screen for osteoporosis, and can make one aware of low bone mass.’



/ˌdensəˈtämədər/ /ˌdɛnsəˈtɑmədər/