Definition of densitometric in English:


Pronunciation /-sitəˈmetrik/


See densitometer

‘For sixteen pools, each representing a high or low pool of a specific sire-by-marker combination, densitometric estimates of allele frequency were compared to estimates of allele frequency obtained by individual genotyping.’
  • ‘Quantitative comparisons between each evolved clone and the ancestor are based on densitometric analyses of the gels.’
  • ‘The authors conclude that fully automated cell counts and densitometric analyses of bronchial biopsy tissue from patients with asthma are unbiased and decrease the variability in measures of inflammation.’
  • ‘In fact, densitometric analysis of the mle RNA and the control rRNA in males and females revealed that females contain about seven times more mle RNA than males.’
  • ‘The World Health Organization's criteria for the densitometric diagnosis of osteoporosis strictly apply only to white postmenopausal women.’