Definition of deoxidizer in English:



(also British deoxidiser)

See deoxidize

‘In a vacuum furnace, carbon is an excellent deoxidizer, and the deoxidation product, carbon monoxide gas, is continuously removed under vacuum.’
  • ‘In tin bronze, phosphorus has traditionally been the deoxidizer, hence the name ‘phosphor bronzes’ for these alloys.’
  • ‘Most commercial steels contain about 0.5% manganese to serve as a deoxidizer and to tie up sulfur as manganese sulfide, thereby preventing the occurrence of hot-cracking.’
  • ‘Aluminum is widely used as a deoxidizer and was the first element used to control austenite grain growth during reheating.’
  • ‘In steels of this type, silicon is added as the deoxidizer followed by the addition of aluminum for grain size control.’