Definition of departmentalization in English:



(also British departmentalisation)

See departmentalize

‘Another popular new development is middle-school departmentalization, in which students have different teachers for different subjects, as is the case in public middle schools.’
  • ‘He was the elected deputy in the years 1932-1946 - the last year of his service being the year that departmentalization was enacted.’
  • ‘Professors of women's studies are anxious about institutionalization, departmentalization, and teaching evaluations, she said.’
  • ‘One consequence of the development of new fiscal and military apparatuses was the departmentalization of government, at least in mainland Britain.’
  • ‘Such boundary crossings redefined the existing rigid departmentalization of science.’



/dəˌpärtˌmen(t)ləˈzāSHən/ /dəˌpɑrtˌmɛn(t)ləˈzeɪʃən/ /dēˌpärtˌmen(t)ləˈzāSHən/ /diˌpɑrtˌmɛn(t)ləˈzeɪʃən/ /dəˌpärtˌmen(t)līˈzāSHən/ /dəˌpɑrtˌmɛn(t)laɪˈzeɪʃən/ /dēˌpärtˌmen(t)līˈzāSHən/ /diˌpɑrtˌmɛn(t)laɪˈzeɪʃən/