Definition of departmentally in English:



See departmental

‘While the official stance is that equal weight is given to at least scholarly activity and teaching ability, the application of such policy language is departmentally specific.’
  • ‘Programmes are run departmentally with little vertical compartmentalisation.’
  • ‘A departmentally run canteen and store inside the campus will render good service to the patients, students and staff.’
  • ‘Agencies are increasingly embracing peer support programs, critical incident response teams and, in the case of the San Francisco Police Department, outpatient mental health insurance as a departmentally budgeted item.’
  • ‘As a result, the storage of critical patient data and administrative information was handled departmentally, creating ‘islands’ of disparate data.’



/dəˌpärtˈmen(t)lē/ /dəˌpɑrtˈmɛn(t)li/